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We are a big family of programmers from different countries.

We have been working in the field of information technology for many years.

Until today, we have been working on creating a device to protect people from coronavirus infection/COVID.


We cannot disclose all the details of our development and provide photos before patenting at the global level. We can only conditionally designate the principle of using this device - it consists of 2 parts and will be used by you on the principle of headphones.

Pre-orders will be sent in November 2022. We ship orders to all countries of the world without exception.
Our mission is to preserve the health of mankind and make everyone's life better while maintaining affordable prices...

But we are ready to offer a premium performance of our brainchild. You can also view models of our gadget in a more precious version:
- in silver with gilding inlaid with semi-precious stones,
- in silver with rhodium plated with inlaid semi-precious stones,
- in white gold with precious stones, in yellow gold with precious stones,
- in silver with black rhodium and in white gold with black rhodium for the choice of brutal men who do not seek compromises and are leaders in life.

You can place an order on an additional page of one of our online stores, which we have created especially for you and for reliable payments of large amounts of money. Payment is made through the payment system Robokassa. This is our reliable partner, time-tested.
Delivery of premium gadgets will be carried out at the same time as the delivery of economy class gadgets - in November 2022.
You can pre-order here: BUY NOW
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